Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Apocalypse is at hand!

Last night I dreamed of a major apocalyptic travesty taking place. Everyone was huddled up in their homes and living on food storage. I was at my old house with people but I don't remember who...maybe my boyfriend was there...I was finding friends and I ran into my friend Smitty (who is a long time friend and former roommate in real life. Smitty is not his real name, btw).

Smitty told me he was being awarded an MBA by the leadership in Utah. I remember being pissed because he had only gone to community college and I felt he didn't deserve the award and was somehow tricking them into thinking he'd done more. He then proceeded to take me to his family to introduce me but I reminded him I'd already met his family. He seemed surprised and I had to remind him when I had met them before. There were some tall buildings that we went to and we were on a floor that was high up. So we see his family, particularly his parents, but it wasn't his parents he actually has in real life.

My former boss at the Senate was also in this dream (I think he represents survival skills bc he's a former desert survival guide for teens).

I still don't know all the meanings in all these dreams. I just have to write them so I'll remember them better. I do know, however, that Smitty is a representation of a former friend who actually dated him. She did something quite rude to me in real life and I have been very mad at her. I may feel she doesn't deserve a lot of things and that she is not honest...and somewhere in there is my personal vision and connection to Utah in some apocalyptic vision (a change in my life and not being in Utah anymore).

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