Saturday, June 23, 2012


Last night I had a dream I'd signed up for a job in Alaska and there were all these boxes of deliveries in the back room (mirrors, brushes, curlers, porcelain, totally random home stuff). Somehow Chinese people were scavenging the stuff and selling it off on eBay, etc. It was kind of in my house but up for grabs. So I look at my boyfriend and I say "babe, we could totally do the same thing as them and make good money". And somehow in the middle of all this the plastic came off the back window (it was there for heating insulation). My boyfriend kept trying to fix it and I realized it was totally ruined and wouldn't be fixed so I said to forget about it, it couldn't be fixed and to just leave it and it would be fine. It was fine. There were also jets in and out of the place we were in and people coming and going to this place for work...but it was fast becoming deserted because the company or the island or whatever we were on was heading into the off season.

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