Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The beginning of the end?

Dear Blogger blog, sorry I've neglected you. Tots sure no one (maybe two people?) still read this here Human Project anymore anyhow. I started you way back in the nascent days of blogging, circa 2002. Now where do I jot down all my thoughts on life, boys and human projectedness? Oh, everywhere else....Facebook, Twitter (Hootsuite, actually), Tumblr, Pinterest, SocialMediaToday, Bubbl.ici.ous, Google+, Examiner, Path, Foursquare...depending on the mood, what points I get, where peeps are at, the relevance to those peeps in those places, etc. But you were the beginning. Hope this isn't the end. I just post too many other places where I have a lot more readers. That and this here is all personal, after all. I can't exactly post about boys (I have a nice boyfriend now, fyi. Those don't tend to make amazeballs posts for lack of drama), this isn't a mom blog, I'm not a crafty mo or recipe diva (also, not really good at following through on the crafty part..or baking stuff :/). So here you are, all personal and me. But I started with I hope to keep you, even if I really don't post here much anymore.

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