Monday, November 21, 2011

How to make Tuscaffalo

So I made an invention. Well, I made up a recipe. Well, actually I borrowed a recipe and made it my own. Well, okay, I pretty much followed the recipe but substituted buffalo instead of chicken and then added in some celery. The result? Delish!

I was at the grocery store. A real one. Finally. I've been poor. Really poor. Poorer than I've ever been before. So I went on a lot of dates. And boys bought me dinner. And also my roommate had a CSA and I joined in on that and sometimes there was community food. And sometimes people took me out to lunch and sometimes I kept my leftovers and ate a lot of the same thing. And somehow, for the past two months, I survived. And now I have a job and I'm less poor and I can actually grocery shop.

So the boyfriend has fed me a significant amount since we've been going out for the past...two weeks?. And I had some friends in town this weekend. And to say thank you to my boyfriend for being so generous I made dinner. I don't normally even cook. Not that I don't like to. I do like it. I just don't always get the opportunity. So this was nice. I made buffalo.

I made Tuscan buffalo stew to be more precise. It had fennel and tomatoes, spinach, white beans, red wine, onions and garlic and other good spices. It was hearty, delicious, lean and healthy and everyone wished there was more. So that is a recipe to keep. Also it was nice to feed people. It was nice to enjoy good friends on a cold, stormy night and eat warm food together and talk and drink the rest of the red wine. It was just very nice.

Also, my boyfriend is taking me on a trip to Napa for Thanksgiving. We are going wine tasting and then heading up to Calistoga after that for the spas. So that is also very nice. I should make him more food more often.

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