Thursday, September 08, 2011

The Final Countdown

I tried to find the clip from Arrested Development where GOB is performing on the beach to "The Final Countdown" but what was available wasn't the best quality. So, here is another clip that will have to do to convey my feelings about the day before I officially move to San Francisco:

I keed! I do not feel like wearing stripper pants.

I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the 12 hour drive ahead. I've done it before...but it's long. Hoping not to get a speeding ticket this time round (ya, that happened). Also, my friend Cindy can't go anymore due to buddy pass issues so it may be just me all on my lonesome. Sniff. Trying to convince some other people last minute. Power of persuasion.

Last night was the last night going to my meditation group. If you are ever in Salt Lake on a Wed night I highly recommend going to Clinton's group. It's in Sugarhouse in a building behind the 24 Hour Fitness, starts at 6. It will change your life. I told everyone this was my last night there. I asked Clinton (he's the med guide) what he would recommend listening to on my drive out to keep me in that meditative mind set. He handed me a CD of The Grateful Dead. Classic Clinton. I said I didn't know if San Francisco would have anything like his group (there's lots of meditation groups to be sure, but not sure there's anything like what he's got going on). He said there might not be. He said (his words), "Hey man, keep in touch. We gotta keep in touch." That was cool. It's the way he says stuff. I'll miss that place. He focuses on the Divine and on love. He always says the Universe and all creation came about, was made through the power of love and faith. That's beautiful.

I don't have much packing to do. Just gotta put my stuff together from where I've been staying (on a friend's couch). This evening I've got some big strong kids to help move my furniture from the storage unit into a Uhaul for the journey.

I can't believe I'm doing this. It's been tough to say goodbye and made me realize what I had here. I really like San Francisco, but I realize now how much I had here and that I'll probably miss it.

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