Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The thing is I never had a sister

I let six teenage girls plus one 12 year old hold a sleepover slash stay up all night and eat junk food fest at my house this weekend (and, yes, I did feel like the big sister).

Some say I was brave for doing it, but really it was a lot of fun. Really. If you are a girl, you will know this is true (and possibly be jealous).

The girls in my neighborhood know me from a youth group I used to be involved with. I was their favorite leader and they had been asking to do a sleepover at my house for quite a while. So it finally happened. And it was awesome!

It brought me back. I took them to the park earlier in the evening so they could play on the playground. They kept pointing out cute dads they thought I should marry.

That's when the situation happened.

I had to go get one of the girls who ran off because she thought another girl was turning her own sister against her and she felt left out. It was a very serious situation to her but comical. She was trying not to cry and we had a talk about just thinking of things others want to talk about so they would want to include her. I remember going through stuff like that. It's such a big deal at the time but now, from a grown up perspective it's so easy to see no one is purposely being mean.

We then went back to my house, ate pizza, Twizzlers, chips, orange swirl ice cream and settled in for, wait for it, Never Say Never, the Justin Beiber story. And (even though I joke and say he's my boyfriend on Facebook) I actually liked it. Ya. Really.

That was followed up with The Roommate...which was quite inappropriate for that age group, FYI. In one of the scenes the psycho roommate basically has phone sex with the ex-boyfriend while pretending to be the other girl. It doesn't show what she's doing down "there", but her face, well, it got awkward when one of the girls asked why she seemed to be "in pain". Yikes! I about died laughing.

We finished the night with (their suggestion, actually) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Such an awesome classic. Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt as teenagers, dancing, 80's music, hair (and attitudes), killer outfits, zany formulaic teen movie flick and punk rockers.

They fell asleep in the middle and insisted on watching it with donuts for breakfast in the morning.

The junk food and staying up so late was only further indication I am not, in fact, still a teenager. But seriously, if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend the experience.

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