Monday, March 28, 2011

The hot chubby issue

So I'm hanging with D/Smitty last night and we're having one of "those" conversations about life, the universe and everything when he tells me what his first impression of me was when we first met when I just barely moved back to Utah. He said he thought I was really hot...but chubby.

You'd think I'd be offended. Hot but chubby? The nerve! But here's the thing. That is exactly what I am. And I know it. I've known it for a while. And truth is, it's not the first time a guy has hinted at this. Smitty just had a nicer way of saying it.

I'm a cute girl with more curves than I would like. I am the hot chubby. And I know it. I've lamented about this since I put that extra ten pounds on in highschool. I've blogged about this before.

Yet here I am.

What Smitty said struck a chord. I don't want to be the hot chubby. I don't care if boys are willing to "overlook" the chubby. I want to be freaking hot. Period! Vain? Perhaps...or just the way I want to look and live my life.

So today I decided to finally do something about it. No more books or weird protein diets that didn't work or doing it on my own and not knowing what I'm doing. Today I walked myself into one of those weightloss and trainer clinics a friend recommended I go to. Total Health and Fitness. It's expensive but they guarantee results. In writing. And with before and after pictures to prove it. And they took out these calipers and they tested my body fat.

Apparently I'm fatter than I thought. It's only my tiny frame that hides the fact that I'm actually borderline obese. Ya. I know, you look at me and think there's NO WAY. But my body fat percentage is at 32%! My frame is just so small it hides it pretty well. Also, I have almost no muscle. The guy calculated all my body, bone, muscle, etc and I would weigh exactly 93 lbs if it weren't for all the fat.

I really do have a small frame. He tells me after all the weighing and calculating and talk that I could actually be a size zero and be healthy. I could weigh 107 lbs and be within normal range. I was concerned at this point. I don't want to lose the BOOBS! He recommends we get me down to 118 lbs so I keep some of my curves. I enthusiastically agree.

It will take 3-4 months he tells me. I have no idea where I will be then. I am really hoping this works. But one thing I know is I don't want to be the hot chubby anymore. I just want to be hot.


Steve said...

Kudos for you for taking a real step to getting into the shape and health zone you have been trying so long for! The reasons trainers and centers cost a lot is b/c what they do and what you need to do isn't easy! But it's like what I tell all my 'clients', aim for your perception, not an arbitrary number on a scale. I'm confident you will get there!

SJ said...

Steve, I didn't know you were a trainer.

Steve said...

Well, it's not my job b/c I like to make real money, ha, and actually, haven't charged anyone for my time or services in a long time. But yes, I've done it in the past and designed workouts for people, even here in Africa! I've made offers on my website for you few, dear readers, but only one guy actually took me up on it. :)